Theory of the shafts of the Great Pyramid has cracks - part 5

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The next question we have to ask is, where on the surface of the Earth does this large pyramidal triangle lie? As is explained in K2, Quest of the Gods, if we use Giza as our longitudinal zero meridian, then the great triangle lies across the western Himalaya, in a region known as the Karakoram.

A copy of the Great Pyramid in the Himalayas

And so a large expedition was mounted many years ago, to take a look at this location up into the high Himalaya. And since there are no roads in the region, the long trek to the center of this large triangle took nearly three weeks of hard hiking across the almost impassable terrain.

The high trail into the KarakoramAnd what was the result of this long expedition? The surprising answer is that high up in the Himalaya there is an almost exact copy of the Great Pyramid. Yes, seriously!  In the very center of this Karakoram triangle there is a large mountain that is pure white, just as the Great Pyramid used to be before its Islamic guardians pilfered the cladding stones.

More importantly, this is a square-based pyramid-mountain, orientated to the cardinal points, and it has a glacier extending from its base at the same 14° angle as the causeway that extends from the Great Pyramid.

Pictures and a precisely contoured map of this pyramid-mountain are to be found in K2, Quest of the Gods, and so readers can see for themselves that there is indeed a large copy of the Great Pyramid way up in the Himalaya. Thus the pyramids of Giza are not simply representations of the stars of Orion, they are also representation of mountains.

The tallest pyramid at Giza is all white (all snow covered); the Second Pyramid has a thin layer of granite at the base (a snow-line on the mountain, with a few exposed rocks at the base); while the Third Pyramid has 1/3 of its surface composed of granite (a much higher snow-line, with many rocks exposed at the base). 

And do bear in mind the sequence of this amazing discovery:

  1. Firstly, the outline of the continents was noticed in the layout of the chambers.
  2. Then the function of the shafts as cartographical coordinates was realised.
  3. Then these were plotted and a location discovered.
  4. Then a detailed map was ordered from China, which took four weeks to arrive.
  5. And only then was it noticed that there is a copy of the Great Pyramid up in the high Himalaya.
Source: Ancient Origins

Message from the Nile

  • History of Czech institution of egyptology

    The Czech egyptology founder is Frantisek Lexa, the author of up to now evaluated work about ancient Egypt magic and Demotic grammar. Seminar for egyptology started thanks to him in Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of Charles University in Prague in 1925. Two years later Lexa became the first regular professor of egyptology in then Czechoslovakia.

  • Abusir - outstation of Czech egyptology expedition

    Abusir is an archaeological locality in Egypt named after nearby recent village Abusir. It is situated on western Nile bank on the edge of Libyan tableland approximately 20 kilometers to the south-west of Cairo. The name of this locality is derived from ancient Egypt god Osiris, from Per Usir (Busiris), "(cult) place of Osiris" (Busiris in Greek).

  • Researches in Western desert

    Czech egyptology is successful in researching not only on pyramidal fields in Abusir recently, but also in supporting and organizing smaller expeditions into egyptian Western desert. Czech expedition has been working even in slowly evanescent oasis El-Hajez since 2003, which is situated about 400 km to the south-west from Cairo.

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