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Merenptah was the thirteenth son of Pharaoh Ramesses II. and his mother was queen Isetnofret. He ruled together with his father from 10 to 12 years (as a general of his soldieries at the beginning) and after his death Merenptah continued in initiated work of his father. According to Manetho Merenptah ruled for 19 years and 6 months and this is right, if we took the reign together with his father into consideration.

The biggest success during the reign of Merenptah was repulsing the incursions of Libyans and sea nations in the 5th year of his reign. He likely led the winning campaign into Asia, which proves the "Israel Stele", the only preserved document in the western Asia.

Merenptah focused the construction activity especially in the area of west Thebes (Waset) and Memphis (Mennefer). He built only one funereal sanctuary from a block of ruined Amenhotep III sanctuary and a complex of palace sanctuary in honour of Ptah and the royal cult.

Merenptah kept a peace agreement with the Hittites - on the basis of it he helped the Hittites at the time of great famine. He moved with the royal court back to Memphis (Mennefer). The Jews' exodus out of Egypt dated to the time of his reign.

Also many literary works came from the time of Merenptah's reign, e.g. "The legend about two brothers". Merenptah was buried in the tomb KV 8 in the Valley of the Kings. His mummy was found in a hideaway of mummies in the tomb of Amenhotep II – so in tomb KV 35.



Message from the Nile

  • History of Czech institution of egyptology

    The Czech egyptology founder is Frantisek Lexa, the author of up to now evaluated work about ancient Egypt magic and Demotic grammar. Seminar for egyptology started thanks to him in Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of Charles University in Prague in 1925. Two years later Lexa became the first regular professor of egyptology in then Czechoslovakia.

  • Abusir - outstation of Czech egyptology expedition

    Abusir is an archaeological locality in Egypt named after nearby recent village Abusir. It is situated on western Nile bank on the edge of Libyan tableland approximately 20 kilometers to the south-west of Cairo. The name of this locality is derived from ancient Egypt god Osiris, from Per Usir (Busiris), "(cult) place of Osiris" (Busiris in Greek).

  • Researches in Western desert

    Czech egyptology is successful in researching not only on pyramidal fields in Abusir recently, but also in supporting and organizing smaller expeditions into egyptian Western desert. Czech expedition has been working even in slowly evanescent oasis El-Hajez since 2003, which is situated about 400 km to the south-west from Cairo.

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