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God Ptah was the main deity in Memphis (Mennefer), he was worshipped as a part of a triad together with his wife lion goddess Sekhmet and lotus god Nefertem. Later Imhotep was considered as Ptah's son, a divined architect of Djoser's step pyramid complex in Saqqara. Ptah as the main bod creator was patron of artisans and was an important figure in artisan's village Deir el-Medina. These artisans built the tombs in Valley of the Kings.

The highest priest of Ptah's cult had a title "Great supervisor of artisans" in Memphis (Mennefer). He was depicted in human appearance, partly mummified with close-fitting cap on his head. He held a stick in his hand constituted from was - power sceptre, djed - column of stability and ankh - symbol of life.

God Ptah was depicted with straight beard from Middle Kingdom. He was associated with Memphis funerary god with falcon's head Sokar (Ptah-Sokar) in Old Kingdom period. This deity became Ptah-Sokar-Osiris in Late period. Wooden mummified statuettes with falcon's head were often given into tombs as funerary facility.

Ptah   Ptah-Sokar-Usir
Ptah   Ptah-Sokar-Usir

Message from the Nile

  • History of Czech institution of egyptology

    The Czech egyptology founder is Frantisek Lexa, the author of up to now evaluated work about ancient Egypt magic and Demotic grammar. Seminar for egyptology started thanks to him in Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of Charles University in Prague in 1925. Two years later Lexa became the first regular professor of egyptology in then Czechoslovakia.

  • Abusir - outstation of Czech egyptology expedition

    Abusir is an archaeological locality in Egypt named after nearby recent village Abusir. It is situated on western Nile bank on the edge of Libyan tableland approximately 20 kilometers to the south-west of Cairo. The name of this locality is derived from ancient Egypt god Osiris, from Per Usir (Busiris), "(cult) place of Osiris" (Busiris in Greek).

  • Researches in Western desert

    Czech egyptology is successful in researching not only on pyramidal fields in Abusir recently, but also in supporting and organizing smaller expeditions into egyptian Western desert. Czech expedition has been working even in slowly evanescent oasis El-Hajez since 2003, which is situated about 400 km to the south-west from Cairo.

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